An Important Purchase

A puppy is an important purchase. After all, it’s a new member of your family! If you’re looking for a particular breed or want us to recommend a great companion pup, we can locate the perfect quality puppy for you.It will be a Perfect pleasure serving you, and we certainly appreciate your interest. We will do everything possible to provide you topnotch personal service.

As dog lovers and owners of several dogs, we know well the excitement and expectation that comes when a new puppy joins the family. We also know that caring for and training a new puppy into a “good dog” can bring a host of questions and challenges to all of us … even the most experienced.

Here at Pedersen Puppies Home, we’re committed to doing everything we can to help you raise a healthy, happy dog. And that means more than just good nutrition.We have a wealth of information on puppy health and development along with a wide selection of products. In fact, a lot of what you do for your puppy during its first year of life will have a profound effect on your adult dog’s personality and overall happiness for years to come.

Starting Out On the Right Paw …

Now that you have chosen the best puppy for your family, it’s time to introduce him to your home. Routine is the main key to housebreaking. If your puppy is fed at regular times, then it should be fairly easy to closely predict when he needs to relieve himself. Remember, every pup and diet is different and to expect instant regularity is unrealistic.

Housebreaking can be accomplished more quickly and easily if you use a “crate” (wire cage or carrier). Even though your reaction to the cage might be negative, from the puppy’s point of view a crate provides a safe and secure “den” that meets his instinctive needs for safety. He will naturally try to keep it clean, and it will keep him out of “trouble” and from developing bad habits when you are not looking … like chewing on your shoes!

By alternating time in the den with play and family time, you can take advantage of Mother Nature to quickly housebreak your puppy, control destructive behavior and raise a well adjusted, self confident pet.


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