Pedersen Puppies Home is family members possessed as well as Run. We are right here to match our pups with the ideal family members to much better offer both young puppies and also people. Pups are worthy of individuals and also individuals are worthy of the love of pups! Our vision is to constantly to offer with love, we are below in order to help you locate the extremely following point that will certainly bath you with plentiful love, we are below to consider that to you. We like our work due to the joy we could offer to every single client.Pedersen Puppies are charming family pets, equally enjoying indoor and outdoor activities with their family. Belonging to the toy group dogs, Pedersen Puppies are compact, but hardy. They are vigorous little dogs, who preserve a puppy’s attitude and zest even when they grow older.

Our Business Objective

To constantly offer our neighborhood via one of the most expert and also pleasant family pet solutions. Our goal: bringing the love of pups and also fantastic solutions to even more individuals daily.

Firm Vision

To share God’s love with his own developments, our young puppies, as well as our workers. Therefore, whatever we do, we perform with honesty. Pedersen Puppies Home is just as solid as it structure, we take satisfaction in encouraging our workers and also our consumers.We carefully choose the dogs that we use for breeding, paying close attention to their temperaments. Mike and I treat and love our dogs like they are our kids. We try to give them all the love and affection we can. On a normal day we spend anywhere from 2-4 hours caring and loving on them. Our dogs are gentle and non hyper in the house. Right now we have about 1 acre that is fenced in and that’s where everybody runs and plays together. We believe that excercise is just as important as food or water to a dog. We like to let them run as much as they want during the day so they are tired and sleep all night. ! When supervised they all run and play together and the rest of the time the breeds are usually kept apart. We breed our females once a year and don’t sell puppies to make money. In our opinion all of our breeders are fine examples of the breed and have good bloodlines with no genetic defects. All bred females are brought inside our home a week or two before they are due to whelp. We supervise the birthing process and help out if it is needed. Tails and dewclaws are removed at 3 days by our Vet. The pups are all raised inside with us, other dogs and cats until they go to their new homes, so they are all well socialized. We feed our dogs and pups Buckeye Pro-Bits Premium dog / puppy food. Of all the brands we’ve tried it is the best. It produces the shiniest coats and they all love it. Puppies are usually started on Pedigree puppy can food at about 3 weeks depending on the litter size, and gradually introduced to Pro-Bits about 1 week later. All puppies are wormed at 2 weeks and every 2-3 weeks thereafter until 6 weeks of age. They get their first 5 way ‘puppy’ shot at 6 weeks. Springer & GSP pups are introduced to pheasant wings at about 7 weeks of age so they are familiar with the scent of birds. Our bird dogs are all natural retriever’s and we encourage the pups to retrieve at a very early age. We guarantee all or pups for at least 1 year against genetic defects. All our dogs have wonderful tempers and are great pets !!

Business Criteria

At Pedersen Puppies Home, we hold our business to the highest possible criteria from the dog breeders our young puppies are from to the residences they bring light to. Although the pet sector is contaminated by an adverse picture concerning family pet shops and also pet dog mills, Pedersen Puppies Home sustains just dog breeders with the greatest criteria. See my following puppy to get all inquired regarding your puppy’s dog breeder, moms and dads, as well as added info regarding the top quality and also treatment provided to each puppy at Pedersen Puppies Home.