5 Tips On Trimming Your Cat Claws

A healthy cat must have sturdy paws and claws, you must inspect your cat to make sure your cat has no wounds as this can affect your cat’s mental health. Cat’s paws are also prone to infection if you do not take care of them well. Here are some tips for you to consider in trimming your cat claws:

Look at your cat’s claws well
You must try and inspect your cat claws well. You must remove any dirt and treat the claws if they are wounded. You must try and squeeze any pus out of the paw or claw and then dress it with some surgical spirit. You must inspect for further abnormalities and if you feel like the paw is not healing take the cat to the doctor soon. The claws can get infected by going to the cat litter box all the time as germs are found in the box.

Try trimming 
You must trim the claws carefully but avoid declawing as they can cause emotional suffering to the cat. Declawing is when the bone or toe is cut out it is like cutting each finger of a human from the knuckle onwards leaving a small stump. It is not something your cat will be happy about. If you are not sure if you can do the job well take the cat to a groomer who will groom the cat well.

See if your cat is limping 
A limp is not connected to paw issues but it can be due to a problem in the joint or leg. If there is pain in the paw the cat will not use the paw at all. If the paw is lifted above the ground it means that it is wounded, or there is a splinter which is stuck inside the paw. You must think about how a cat’s limping can be related to any cat litter boxes Australia diseases too like worms which can get into the wound.

Buy a scratch post 
Cats love to scratch their claws out, it is done in order to sharpen them. Cats are known hunters so they do this in order to make their claws sharp for a hunt. It is important for your cat’s health as it will help the cat loose the top layers of the claws. A great scratch post will allow the cat to stretch and move the body easily but remember not all cats will like all scratch posts. Some cats will like sisal fiber ones and others will like clay or wood to draw their nails on. Some will like posts which are vertical and others will like posts which are horizontal. You can get a great scratch post by simply observing the behavior of your cat.  If you find your cat standing on the hind legs looking for something to scratch. The cat will like a vertical scratch post.

Cat walking areas must be clean 
Make sure the cat walking areas are clean and tidy. You must try to vacuum the area regularly so that you know no harm will be done to the cat as the fellow tries to move around.  Since most dog and cat products lick their paws to clean them out you must not use disinfectant or cleaning substance which are toxic. Remember trim your cat’s claws out gently. There are certain guidelines to follow before you decide to do it so read up carefully.