About The Different Types Of Flooring In Dog Kennels

Are you planning to keep your dog in a kennel while you are away? Are you aware of the types of flooring the kennel uses for its dogs?

While searching for dog kennels Adelaide, you should know about the floors the kennels have. Also, you should be aware of the pros and cons of each type of floors.

You can decide to choose the one among many kennels on the basis of the type of floors suitable for your dog
Flooring of dog kennels is a very important aspect for the overall safety and health of pet dogs. Floors of dog kennels can be of different types and those are grass, concrete, dirt and gravel. These are the most common types of flooring materials of kennels.

About concrete floors

Concrete flooring is the most stable and durable flooring for kennels. Concrete floor provides even surface to the dogs and helps them to keep off the ground. This type of floors can be sanitized very easily with water and scrubber. And scrubbing with water and cleaner would reduce communicable diseases among pet dogs and other living animals.

Maintaining the floors for dog’s safety

In winter, concrete floors remain very slippery and the floors must be shoveled for preventing falls of the dogs. Soft and thick beds must be provided to pet dogs on the concrete floors to prevent falling off.

Grass floors

Grass is a very good floor option in kennels as it is comfortable, soft and easily growing. Grass floors are comfortable enough for older dogs and puppies. Grass is basically a natural product and it can be grown in every type of soil.

Any downsides of this floor

Most of the dogs tend to go for potty in the yard. They don’t hesitate to go to their kennels for potty. But grass is not so durable like other types of flooring. Frequent urination is really needed to kill off hearty grasses. Pee spots of the grasses should be cleaned frequently to increase the life of the grasses.

Gravel floors

Gravel is one of the most useful flooring options for kennels. Gravel is basically made of smooth and small pieces of rocks. Gravel floor is more comfortable than solid concrete floors. Excellent drainage facility is available on gravel floors. The depth of gravel floors must be 2 inches for smooth drainage facility. Solid waste of gravel floors must be cleaned daily.

Words of caution

Insects and fleas get enough places to hide on gravel floors. So, pet dogs must be checked frequently to prevent from diseases. Pest spray should be applied on gravel floors to decrease infestation.

Dirt floors

Among all flooring types, dirt is the cheapest and most problematic flooring of kennels. If any kennel is using dirt floor, sturdy doghouse must be provided to pet dogs to keep them dry and clean. Dirt floors are not so acceptable in kennels nowadays.