We are a small breeder situated in Seattle, Washington. Our dogs make wonderful companions for young and old alike. They are also breeds which are termed hypo-allergenic, or those that do not shed.

We do not show our dogs. Instead we prefer to concentrate on breeding to the standard and improving our lines. Our dogs are very special to us and we’d rather they had a less stressful life than the show circuit demands. To this end we also keep them clipped short so they can run and play in the yard without worries of tangles and shampooing after every outing. It takes several hours a week to maintain a dog in full show coat!

We believe in breeding for the whole dog, not just for conformation. Our dogs live with us in our home with free access to our fenced yards whenever they wish. Outside we have many things to keep them occupied, such as a tunnel, large tree stumps (which are a hit with all), balls, and the like. We do keep males and females separate of course, each having their own place in our “Dog Den” as we call it. We designed this special room for them filled with toys and other fun things to do. We play soft music day and night. I also have my desk in this area so that each can socialize with me on a daily basis. In the evenings several watch television with us, play a game of fetch, or go for a walk.

All our puppies come with a Health Guarantee and are sold on Spay/Neuter Contracts. Puppies leave for their new homes at 12 weeks of age as we believe this gives them the best start in life. They will have had two vaccinations, are paper trained, and adaptable to their new environments. Each comes with their own blanket, food and water for a few days, and a new puppy booklet. Registration papers should be ready at this time, and we also include a pedigree for each puppy as well. We do Ship, although we prefer to meet our new adoptive families in person. All Prices are in American dollars and are subject to change. Some puppies will be a little less; some a little more.

Nothing is ever accomplished in isolation. We would like to honor those who have helped us in numerous ways as we started out, and who continue to help us, with our heartfelt Special Thanks. All your efforts have been and still are so greatly appreciated. Many of you deserve awards for duty above and beyond!! Thank you.

Please take some time to tour our site. Look at the pictures of our dogs and puppies. Send us a comment or ask a question. Just click on our Contact Us link. We are always happy to chat. This site is always a work in progress as we add updated or new pictures, information we hope you’ll find useful, and other things just for fun. We hope you enjoyed our site and thank you for stopping by.

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